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Neil is an Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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The MyoPrime Method





Systematic approach to #achievemyoprime

Assess Movement

Our ability to move and function effortlessly is key to work and play. Often, it is tight muscles (myo) from overuse and injury that limits movement. The first step is finding your baseline using a combination of Orthopedic Assessments, and functional movement to correct for muscle imbalances.

Decrease Tissue Density

Muscles become dense from overuse, injury lays down scar tissue, and movement compensations cause you to recruit incorrect muscles. Deep Tissue and Pin and Stretch on hypertonic (overactive) muscles produces autogenic inhibition (relaxation of the myofascia) to pave a solid foundation.

Increase Tissue Elasticity

Once restrictions is decreased, we can more effectively lengthen the tissue with Active Isolated Stretching, and improve blood flow, oxygen, and nutrition. With active repetitions, the nervous system plays a role by reciprocal inhibition as the active muscle is repetitively sent a neurological signal to wake up (activate), while the tight muscle being stretched is signaled to calm down (lengthen).

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